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Victoria Shows Off at Footbike Race

May 30, 2015 0 Comments

Footbike Racing in Ballarat VicThe first Victorian Footbike race day Llanberris Athletic Track in Ballarat gave the chance for Victoria to show what they were made of. Races over 400m and 1km were held on the athletic track. It was a cold and windy day, and apparently quite normal, for this time of year.

Victorian Race day results:

Womens 400m

1st Vet: Mirjam Lammers – 1m 06.34sec (Senior and Track Record)
2nd Vet: Lyn Cook – 1m 14.44sec
1st Senior: Simone Cisar-Hardy – 1m 14.48sec

Mens 400m

1st Vet: Mick Poulten –    54.96sec
2nd Vet: David Bye – 57.76sec
1st Masters: David Lynch – 50.08sec (Senior and Track Record)
2nd Masters: Troy Strybosch – 1m 00.57sec
1st Senior: Daniel Hardy – 55.16sec
1st 6-9yrs: Kolby Stroybosch – 1m 46.56sec (Track Record)

Womens 1km

1st Vet: Mirjam Lammers – 3m 01.15sec
2nd Vet: Lyn Cook – 3m 45.83sec
1st Masters and Senior:    Tania Warrick –    2m 48.35sec (Track Record)
2nd Senior: Simone Cisar-Hardy – 3m 37.86sec

Mens 1km

1st Vet: Mick Poulten – 2m 25.36sec
2nd Vet: David Bye – 2m 33.50sec
1st Masters: David Lynch – 2m 17.20sec
2nd Masters: Troy Strybosch – 2m 55.74sec
1st Senior: Daniel Hardy – 2m 25.10sec
1st 6-9yrs: Kolby Stroybosch – 5m 45.63sec

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