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AFA Race Series, National Team Selection and Australian Ranking.

Consistent with its charter the AFA aims to ensure that Australian competitors can compete to their maximum potential at International events. Central to this aim is a strong domestic racing competition, that encourages frequent racing, experience in multiple types of events and provides the pressure to peak for specific high stakes events.

The racing system within Australia will consist of two main elements, AFA Racing Series, (AFARS) and National Team Selection based on performance at the National Titles.

The main guiding principles for these two elements are explained below. The AFA committee will administer these principles.

AFA Racing Series- Encourages both competition and participation.

Conducted consistent with the following guidelines.

Two streams of competition 1) AFARS Open division which includes Junior and above and 2) Pupil and Cadet on the basis that they race shorter distances.

You must be an Australian FootBike Association (AFA) member to race.

Non-members can only participate in selected novice races.

All AFARS races will be advertised at least 6 weeks before the scheduled date of the race event.

Series run on yearly basis (July to June).

It is intended and desirable that an equal number of races occur in each state as per the indicative race schedule below. With initial support from the AFA it is intended that the running of races be delegated to the relevant State. It is in the interest of the sport for more, rather than less, racing to occur. Additional race days therefore can be included in the AFARS calendar with the approval of the AFA on the basis that equal number of races occur in each state.

With reference to the indicative race schedule, or an enhanced race schedule, if any state chooses not to hold a race in the indicated time window, other states will be permitted to race and amass points. For the State or States not holding races the relevant race is deemed to have occurred and with no points allocated to the AFARS.

Indicative Race Schedule.

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
RD 1&2 RD 1&2 RD 1&2 State








RD 3 RD 3 RD 3

Note: World Titles Normally July/Aug every second year.

At a minimum the series will consist of the following types of Events with each event having the indicated races.

Race Day –  Adult Time Trial 400m to1200m and Criterium. 10 -15 km

Pupil and Cadet Time Trial 400m to 600m, Criterium 2 to 4 km

State Title –  As above

National Titles– Time Trial 400m to 1200m, Criterium (10 – 15 km), Endurance 25-42 km.

Pupil and Cadet Time Trial 400m to 600m, Criterium 2 to 4 km, Endurance 6 to 10 km.

Athletes can compete in as many races as they wish in any State. Note: While State titles count for AFA racing series points and are open to competitors from all states the title of State Champion can only be awarded to a person residing in that State.

The final placings are based on total points at end of the race series.

Points are awarded based on where a competitor places in the race overall. i.e. Open Category

The open division is in addition to the Junior, Senior, Master, Veteran and Super Veteran Male and Female Race Categories. It does NOT include the Cadets and Pupil race categories. They will compete for the Kids AFARS, set up the same way as the Open AFARS.

In the Open Division and to ensure a more level playing field, drafting (or pacing) will be allowed under the following circumstances:

  • The rider is of the same gender (regardless of race category)
  • The rider is on the same lap.

A rider will be deemed to be in the drafting zone if they are within 10 m of the front edge of the front wheel of the rider in front. When overtaking a rider must pass through the 10 m drafting zone within 20 seconds.

The drafting penalty is a 5 second stop and go.

First place receives 50 points, second 46 and so on

Points for the first 31 places are

50,46,43,40,37,34,31,29,27,25,23,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. After 31 places 1 point is awarded for participation.

The points applied in the case of a dead heat will be the average of the places concerned rounded to the nearest whole point.

In the event of a tie for the AFARS the winner is person who has participated in the most number of races.


Winner of the AFARS Open Category Male and Female – Any of the following as determined by the AFA. Cash, Trophy, Certificate

Age Group winners will be recognized as determined by the AFA.

Overall Winners and Age Group places published on AFA site and associated AFA social media at year end.

 National Team Selection.  Seeks to identify the best athletes for National Team Selection and those to receive any available support. (Support is conditional upon the AFA being in a financial position to do so)

The AFA Committee can consider exceptions to the following selection guidelines including, but not limited to, cases of injury, and equipment failure. In these cases, performance in the AFA racing series can be used as a basis to support decisions. Athletes should not expect that the AFA will make exceptions in their favour.

There are two categories of competitors able to represent Australia at International events 1) Australian Competitor and 2) Australian National Team Member. This second category are entitled to support from the AFA if it can do so.

All members of the AFA, who have AFA racing experience, are encouraged to and will be permitted to compete at international events. This will be at their own expense. These competitors are permitted to, but not required to, compete in a competition uniform as specified by the AFA. These competitors will be classified as “Australian Competitors”.  Note: For economic reasons the race attire may be the same as National Team member but will not have the approved Australian Team Member badge/print.

To be eligible to be selected as an Australian National Team member, a competitor must race at the relevant National Titles. To race at a National Titles a competitor must have raced in a State Title in any State in the relevant racing year. To race at a State Title a competitor must have raced at least 1 Race Day in any State in the relevant race year.

The AFA will select a National Team based on placings at the National Titles preceding the international event using the following criteria.

All Age Group Winners and then the next two open category places who are not Age Category winners. Male and Female.

Placings will be based on total points across a competitors best two results from the three National Title events.

The points table used in the AFARS will be used to calculate points.

In the case of a dead heat in any individual race maximum points will be awarded for the places in question to each competitor. The next lowest placing will not apply e.g. tie for first, second place points will not be allocated and so on.

In the case of a tie in overall points across the two races that count for selection both competitors are selected.

The AFA committee may select additional competitors as members of the National Team if based on performance in the relevant race year that they are likely to achieve a podium finish at the international event.

Having achieved selection in the National Team competitors are eligible for any financial support made available by the AFA related to the international event. They are entitled to and required to compete in the Australian National Team uniform. These competitors will have first preference for selection in the Australian relay team. These competitors will be classified as “Australian National Team Members”. Note: For economic reasons the race attire may be the same as an “Australian Competitor” except for an approved badge/print.

The AFA will support Australian National Team members by providing the approved race uniform.

The AFA at its discretion may contribute an amount towards National Team members expenses. If any support is provided it must be the same amount for each competitor.

National Titles are to be held in enough time for travel and accommodation to be booked by those that qualify. (See indicative Race Calendar)

Australian Rankings

Australian Rankings are based on results from the National Titles.

Any publication or reference to Australian Ranking are to be based only on results from National Titles.  AFA members who do not compete at National titles will be designated as (NRNA) National Ranking not allocated.

Current Australian Rankings – Nil – Once 2 races in Australia have been completed for this season, then we will include a spreadsheet. (a copy of the archived Australian Ranking system result sheet to 2019 will be saved on one of our posts in the Featured category.