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Current Records

The current records listed on this site were achieved at events recognised by the Australian Footbike Association. The AFA is aware of faster times achieved in training and on less arduous courses, but have listed these times as official benchmark records for Australian Footbike (Scooter) Racing.

The criteria for setting a record is:

1. The event must be recognised by the Australian Footbike Association.
2. There must be official timing in the form of a timing chip, or time keeping strategy as in the form of race conditions.
3. All times are start to finish times (including breaks) – not just actual ‘ride time’.
4. Proof of such timing must be produced.
5. There must be at least two Australian Footbike Association representatives present at the event, or written proof of event attendance and official event timing produced.
6. Riders must notify an Australian Footbike Association Official of their intent to participate in an event before the ride date for their times to be recognized.

View the Current Records:

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