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QLD State Footbike Championships Aug 2015

August 16, 2015 0 Comments

Have-a-go day and the QLD State Footbike Championships and ‘Have-a-go’ day took place at Albert Bishop Park, Hedley Rd, Nundah.

The Have-a-go day began at 1pm with a closed track to check out how comfortable newbies were.

Novice footbike racing was encouraged over 420 metres, and then the Champs took place over 1km and then 10km.

Novice Racing Results:

Senior Mens: Shuya – 1m 11.2sec
Masters Womens: Miriam – 1m 22.05sec
7-9 Mens: Oscar – 1m 23.89sec
Senior Womens: Evette – 1m 25.49sec
7-9 Womens: Aurelia – 2m 11.71sec

Queensland State Championship results:

Womens 1km

1st Vet: Jo Hassan – 2m 46.84sec
2nd Vet: Lyn Cook – 3m 02.17sec
1st Masters: Judith Jardine – 2m 44.29sec (2015 QLD State Champion)
1st Senior: Evette – 3m 09.42sec

Mens 1km

1st Vet: Alan Stewart – 2m 04.04sec (2015 Qld State Champion)
2nd Vet: John Jardine – 2m 19.35sec
1st Senior: Dougal Wilson – 2m 05.11sec
1st Junior: Luke Jardine – 2m 08.18sec

Womens 10km

1st Vet: Jo Hassan – 32m 21.36sec
1st Masters: Judith Jardine – 31m 36.75sec
1st Cadet: Cara Jardine – 25m 22.83sec (2015 Qld State Champion)

Mens 10km

1st Vet: Alan Stewart – 23m 27.91sec
2nd Vet: John Jardine – 26m 45.42sec
1st Masters: Andrew Whitehead – 30m 41.22sec
1st Senior: Dougal Wilson – 22m 57.47sec (2015 QLD State Champion)

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