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Brisbane Footbike Racers Got their Racing Gear on!

April 19, 2015 0 Comments

Brisbane Footbike Racers got their racing gear on at the Murarrie Recreational reserve for the latest Brisbane Race Day. Racing over 400m and 10km, all age categories applied.

Brisbane Footbike Race results:

Womens 400m

1st Vet: Mirjam Lammers – 59.08sec
2nd Vet: Jo Hassan – 1m 02.91sec
1st Masters: Judith Jardine – 57.37sec
2nd Masters: Jo Mansell – 1m 03.26sec
1st Cadet: Cara Jardine    – 49.92sec

Mens 400m

1st Vet: Alan Stewart – 45.91sec
2nd Vet: John Jardine – 48.17sec
3rd Vet: Dan Moss – 56.22sec
1st Masters: Andrew Whitehead – 58.79sec
1st Senior: Adrian Holmes – 55.16sec
1st Junior: Luke Jardine – 46.85sec (Track record for Juniors)

Womens 10km

1st Vet: Mirjam Lammers – 29m 57.86sec
2nd Vet: Jo Hassan – 31m 34.49sec
1st Masters: Judith Jardine – 30m 07.06sec
2nd Masters: Jo Mansell    – 31m 39.66sec
1st Cadet: Cara Jardine – 25m 00.58sec (New Australian Cadet Record)

Mens 10km

1st Vet: Alan Stewart – 22m 33.45sec
2nd Vet: John Jardine – 25m 44.84sec
1st Masters: Andrew Whitehead – 30m 41.22sec
1st Senior: Adrian Holmes – 27m 04.07sec
1st Junior: Luke Jardine – 24m 46.78sec (New Australian Junior Record)

Well done to Cara and Luke for their new Australian records in the 10km. Next Brisbane race day will be on 16th August and will be the Queensland State Championships.

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