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Aussie Footbike Races September 2009

September 23, 2009 0 Comments

Australian Footbike Racing 2009Yet another windy day on the track!

A very hot and windy day greeted the footbike competitors on the latest Short Course Footbiking Races in Queensland, Australia.

Despite this, several PB’s and records were set on the day.

The racing distances included:

1km Time Trial
10km Time Trial
200m Sprint

After a 141km training ride the day before Alan Stewart cruised around the 10km course to set a new Australian Record. We’re not sure if it was the heat or the ride that brought about the single bead of perspiration on his cheek. Don’t you just hate the guy! 😉

Sharon Simmons set new Australian Records for the 10km Time Trials, and bettered her 1km time, setting yet another record for Australian Women. She would have broken yet another record on the 200m if Sharon had learned that ‘Ready, set, Go’ means to actually go. Not turn and say to the starting official, “Are you serious?”

Ali Hassan set new records for the Juniors in the 5km Time Trial, 1km Time Trial and 200m Sprint! Excellent work, Ali!

And our newest and youngest member of Footbiking madness from the South East, Reegan Lumley set a new Australian Record for the 1km and 200m races for juniors in the 7 – 9 y.o. category. Major applause to you Reegan for such a good effort and we are looking forward to seeing more of you at future races.

Another face that shined on the day was Karen Toll, who put in a great effort for her first meet in the Novice Section. And, yes Karen, when you start to get that tingling sensation throughout your body it is not wise to ask Alan if you should stop. He’ll just tell you: If you’re still kicking, then you can keep kicking!

We also wanted to say thank you to Brendan Purcell for demonstrating his unique style of ‘chin biking’ on the day. After sprinting around a particularly tricky corner of the circuit Brendan opted for a more aerodynamic position by hitting the ground with his chin rather than his foot. Ouch… Fortunately, there was no permanent damage… after scraping Brendan back off the bitumen and getting him some much needed First Aid Treatment, he emerged with a bandaged chin, hands, knee and shoulder. Brendan has warned all footbikers to not try chin biking at home – and stressed that it is only for the extreme sport junkies.

The results were as follows:

1km Time Trial

Mens Open 1km
1st Bruce Cook – 2min 21.11secs
2nd David McKinnon – 2min 22.58secs
3rd Brenden Purcell DNF

Ladies Open 1km
1st – Sharon Simmons – 2min 28.59secs
2nd – Kerrie Lathopolous – 2min 32.03secs
3rd – Deb Stewart – 2min 40.89secs
Ladies Vet 1km
1st – Lyn Armstrong – 2min 54.94secs
2nd – Suzanne Moule – 3min 18.22secs
Ladies Novice 1km
1st – Karen Toll – 3min 13.44secs
Juniors – age 7-9 category 1km
1st Reegan Lumley – 3min 45.09secs
Juniors – age 10-12 category 1km
1st Ali Hassan – 3min 12.37secs
10km Time Trial

Mens Open 10km
1st Alan Stewart – 23min 31.60secs
2nd David McKinnon – 26min 47.1secs

Mens Vet 10km
1st Alan Stewart – 23min 31.60secs
2nd Bruce Cook – 25min 10.00secs

Ladies Open 10km
1st Sharon Simmons – 25min 59.10secs
2nd Deb Stewart – 27min 51.43secs
3rd Karen Toll (and 1st Novice) – 34min 45.65secs
Ladies Vet 10km
1st Lyn Armstrong – 32min 01.71secs
Juniors 5km Time Trial

Juniors – age 10-12 category 5km
1st Ali Hassan – 16min 12.79secs
200m Sprints

Mens Open 200m
1st – David McKinnon – 25.66secs

Mens Vet 200m
1st – Bruce Cook – 26.47secs
Ladies Open 200m
1st – Sharon Simmons – 27.45secs
2nd – Kerrie Lathopolous – 27.85secs
3rd – Karen Toll – 34.87secs
Ladies Vet 200m
1st – Lyn Armstrong – 31.02secs
2nd – Suzanne Moule – 34.06secs

Juniors – age 7-9 category 200m
1st Reegan Lumley – 37.94secs
Juniors – age 10-12 category
1st Ali Hassan – 32.69secs

Thanks to all who attended – see you at the next ride! Keep kicking!

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