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1000 Kickbike Rides in a Row

September 26, 2009 2 Comments

Alan Stewart 1000 Consecutive RidesSpecial congratulations to Alan Stewart on his 1000th consecutive day of kickbiking!

Applause!  Applause!  Cheer!  Cheer!

After an infinite amount of replacement tyres and tubes, and 6 pairs of shoes, today Alan celebrates his 1000th consecutive ride in a row. As a celebration he completed a 100km ride this morning (gee! I can think of lots of other celebration alternatives!)

In between a crazy work schedule Alan managed to complete each day of riding anywhere from 10km to 100miles by getting up at 3am on some days or scooting along at 11.30pm on some nights just to meet his quota.

Alan obviously needed to be strategic in his schedule to avoid overtraining, by incorporating ‘easy’ days after hard workouts.

Congratulations Alan – and here’s to a further 1000 consecutive days of riding!

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  1. Moses says:

    Hey Bruce,
    When is Alan going to jump up and set the 24hr solo record for the Aussies? Or are you going to be the one?!

  2. Bruce says:

    Hi Moses
    It would certainly be an impressive achievement. Alan and I have been stirring each other about it for some time, but neither of us has donned the white coat…yet. We’ll certainly let everyone know if one of us changes our mind.

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