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A Brilliant Footbike Race Meet in Victoria

October 25, 2015 0 Comments

Footbike Champs in VictoriaSpecial thanks to Cycling Victoria for allowing us to piggyback onto the Womens National Cycling series. What a brilliant weekend! We couldn’t have asked for better racing weather, with clear skies and warm conditions for Day 1 and 2. The foul weather threatened today but all we got was a bit of wind.

The results of the Victorian State Footbike Championships were:

Womens 6.3km

1st Senior: Kylie Mitchell – 20m 26.50sec (2015 VIC State Champion)
1st Masters: Lucy Hellard – 20m 55.26sec
1st Vet: Lyn Cook (Brisbane) – 22m 51.66sec

Mens 6.3km

1st Senior: Daniel Hardy – 17m 05.01sec
1st Masters: David Lynch – 15m 14.77sec (2015 VIC State Champion)
2nd Masters: Tom Gilfedder (Canberra) –    16m 06.87sec
1st Vet: Alan Stewart (Brisbane) – 15m 22.38sec
2nd Vet: David Bye – 16m 06.38sec

Womens 12km

1st Masters: Lucy Hellard – 38m 55.48sec (2015 VIC State Champion)

Mens 12km

1st Masters: Tom Gilfedder (Canberra) – 30m 50.51sec
2nd Masters: Peter Berntsen – 32m 47.56sec
1st Vet: Alan Stewart (Brisbane) – 29m 16.96sec
2nd Vet: David Bye – 30m 40.45sec (2015 VIC State Champion)

Womens 400m

1st Senior: Kylie Mitchell – 1m 03.35sec (2015 VIC State Champion)
1st Masters: Lucy Hellard – 1m 07.98sec
1st Vet: Lyn Cook (Brisbane) – 1m 17.41sec
2nd Vet: Joanne Meertens – 1m 20.77sec
1st Junior: Cassie – 1m 14.47sec
2nd Junior: Meg – 1m 20.77sec

Mens 400m

1st Senior: Daniel Hardy – 49.69sec
1st Masters: David Lynch – 48.91sec (2015 VIC State Champion)
2nd Masters: Tom Gilfedder (Canberra) –    50.19sec
1st Vet: Alan Stewart (Brisbane) – 49.24sec
2nd Vet: Mick Poulten –    50.34sec
3rd Vet: David Bye – 54.86sec
4th Vet: Brian Considine – 1m 13.79sec


1st Team – Dan, Tom and Kylie
2nd Team – David, Mick and Lucy

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