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Queensland State Footbike Champs 2021

July 20, 2021

Here are the results of the QLD State Footbike Champs held at Albert Bishop Park, Nudgee on Sunday 26th June 2021.

Sprint Time trial

150m – 1st  Miles Cluff – 7-9yo – 32.17s
420m – 1st Bryson Cluff  – 10-12yo – 1m 09.85s
420m – 1st Alan Stewart – Super Veteran – 51.66s
2nd Bruce Cook – Super Vet 58.03s
1st Danny Hovey – Veteran 54.28s
2nd Darryl Feodoroff – Veteran – 1m 03.29s

150m – 1st Estelle Cluff – 5-6yo 44.59s
420m – 1st Tamsyn Ikin – 10-12yo – 1m 04.10s
2nd Audrey Cluff – 10-12yo – 1m 16.42s
420m – 1st Bronwyn Hovey – Masters -1m 01.50s
2nd Sonia Cluff – Masters – 1m 11.90s
420m – 1st Jenny Delgado – Veteran – 1m 06.90s
420m – 1st Lyn Cook – Super Vet – 1m 15.94s

350m OPEN Category winners based on finals times
1st        Alan Stewart
2nd       Danny Hovey
3rd        Bruce Cook

1st        Bronwyn Hovey
2nd       Tamsyn Ikin
3rd        Jenny Delgado

Criterium results  

3.6km – 1st  Bryson Cluff – 10-12yo 12m 12.32s
6km  – 1st Alan Stewart  – Super Veteran – 15m 11.21s
6km –   1st Danny Hover – Veteran – 15m 11.79s
            2nd Darryl Feodoroff – Veteran – 17m 55.15s

6km  – 1st Tamsyn Ikin – 10-12yo – 17m 38.15s
6km – 1st Sonia Cluff – Masters – 20m 22.68s
6km – 1st Jenny Delgado – Veteran – 17m 39.60s

6km OPEN Category winners
1st        Alan Stewart
2nd       Danny Hovey
3rd        Darryl Feodoroff

1st        Tamsyn Ikin
2nd       Jenny Delgado
3rd        Sonja Cluff

Well done to all competitors. See you next time.

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