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Footbike Sprint Championships Feb 2009

March 7, 2009 3 Comments

The first Australian Footbike Sprint Championships for 2009 were held in February at the Criterion Bike Track at Nundah in Brisbane. As always at this venue, the athletes raced in windy conditions.

Mens Footbike Race Feb 2009With larger numbers at the men’s line-up, race tactics were different from what we’ve witnessed in the past. The race became a game of cat and mouse, with the men focusing on strategy rather than breaking records. Alan Stewart cruised to the line ahead of his competitors, not even puffing, and enquired, “So, when do we start racing?”. Keep up the great work Alan, we’re all following behind – slightly more puffed than you, though!

Sharon Simmons, current holder of the Australian Women’s sprint and time trial distances was her usual cool, calm and collected self at the start line… while the rest of us women gazed on with envy at the best set of legs on the course! Sharon broke her record in the 1km and set a new record in the women’s 5km sprint. Congratulations Sharon!

Ali Hassan Feb 2009We had a new face in the Juniors this championships – Ali Hassan – new holder of all of the Australian Junior Footbike Records, and man of the hour. Ali, you’re a true champion and a great role model for other juniors (and seniors!) wishing to get into the sport of footbiking.

Even though we had a new winner in the Men’s 200m sprint with Brendan Purcell pipping Alex (the Rabbit) Heta at the line, Alex still retains the record for this race. Now things are going to be interesting in future 200m sprints as this has just become a highly competitive race. Looks like the training boots are on for Alex, he just played his first pre-season football match two nights before the Footbike Race so his fitness will improve even more over the coming months. Brendan, I’ve heard, is a talented runner and now with a taste of footbike racing we hope he too will keep up his training… so we’re all waiting for the next showdown between Brendan and Alex at upcoming footbike races.

Results for 200m Sprints:
Open Mens 200m Sprint
1st – Brendan Purcell – 25.02sec
2nd – Alex Heta – 25.29sec
3rd – David McKinnon 26.68sec

Veteran Mens 200m Sprint
1st – Bruce Cook – 26.22sec
2nd – Graham Jenner – 33.60sec
3rd – Jeremy Thomas – 34.02sec

Junior 200m Sprint
1st – Ali Hassan – 35.67sec

Open Women’s 200m Sprint
1st – Sharon Simmons – 27.06sec
2nd – Kerri Lathopolous – 27.84sec
3rd – Deb Stewart – 30.81sec

Veteran Women’s 200m Sprint
1st – Lyn Armstrong – 31.65

Results for 1km Sprints:

Open Men’s 1km Sprint
1st – Alan Stewart – 2min 22.37sec
2nd – David McKinnon – 2min 25.27sec
3rd – Graeme Walker –  2min 31.36sec

Veteran Men’s 1km Sprint
1st – Alan Stewart – 2min 22.37sec
2nd – Bruce Cook – 2min 26.98sec
3rd – Jeremy Thomas – 3min 20.12

Junior 1km Sprint
1st – Ali Hassan – 3min 40.77sec

Open Womens 1km Sprint
1st – Sharon Simmons – 2.36.71sec
2nd – Kerrie Lathopolous – 2.42.13sec
3rd – Deb Stewart – 2.48.45

Veteran Women’s 1km Sprint
1st – Lyn Armstrong – 3.00.64sec

Results for 5km Time Trial:

Open Mens 5km Time Trial
1st – Alan Stewart – 11min 57.05sec
2nd – Graeme Walker – 12min 38.76sec
3rd – David McKinnon – 13min 09.77sec
Veteran Men’s 5km Time Trial
1st – Alan Stewart – 11min 57.05sec
2nd – Bruce Cook – 12min 37.75sec
3rd – Jeremy Thomas – 17min 36.98

Junior 5km Time Trial
1st – Ali Hassan – 19min 32.85sec

Open Womens 5km Time Trial
1st – Sharon Simmons – 13min 49.39
2nd – Kerrie Lathopolous – 14min 37.13
3rd – Deb Stewart – 14min 45.27

Veteran Women’s 5km Time Trial
1st – Lyn Armstrong 15min 42.38sec

A great day was had by all, and the spectator numbers grew to crowded proportions as we all vied for a seat during the presentation ceremony. Excellent! There was definitely no need to consider rent-a-crowd for this event! Certificates were handed out and spot prizes consisted of bottles of wine, cycle computers, bidons and kickbike hats.

Special thanks to Megan Heta our time keeper, who I’m sure had a sore thumb by the end of the day from hitting the timing piece every time a rider lapped. But she never complained, and even found time to cheer each rider home – thanks Megan!

And extra special thanks to Bruce Cook, President of the Australian Footbike Association for all of his hard work in getting the race organised. Without him days like this would simply be non-events. Thanks Bruce and thanks to everyone who attended – we hope to see you at the next event… we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Ali says:

    Ali is the best in aus with three records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Moses says:

    Hey Ali——Way to kick that scooter!

    Keep training and we will see you in Italy next year for the World Championships!

    Keep your eye on Bruce—-make sure he is not filling his tubes with helium.

    Just Kick It!!
    Team FootbikeUSA Racing

  3. Ali says:

    Will do but next race I will have some competition as bruce says there will be other competitors in the junior shortcource championships

    I Rock

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