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Aussies at the Footbike World Champs 2010

September 28, 2010 0 Comments

It’s back to reality for the Australian Footbike Team after scooting it with the largest number of footbikers they have ever seen in one place.

The Team was rapt to travel to Italy for the World Champs and mix with their ‘heroes’ in the sport as well as the large contingent of friendly, fun-loving footbikers from all around the world.

Australian Footbike Team in Ivrea

Deb Stewart, Lyn Armstrong, Jo (Team Mum) Hassan, Alan Stewart, Bruce Cook, Sharon Simmons, Kerrie Lathopolous and Ali Hassan

The races were well organised – thank you to Elisa and her team. The routes were technically challenging and showcased picturesque Ivrea, Italy – from cobblestoned alleyways to rolling hills alongside vineyards with the ocassional architectural wonder, which was ‘all part of the landscape’ to the locals but made the Aussie Footbikers drool in ‘touristic’ awe.

Ali Hassan - 3rd in the Cadet Sprints and 2nd in the Cadet Criterium

Ali Hassan, the youngest of the team, received a trophy for 3rd place in the 400m sprint and 2nd in the Criterium (14.5km) – Cadet Category. Hooray for Ali – you’re a legend!

Alan Stewart gained a 4th in the Veteran’s sprint finals – awesome work in such a competitive field, and after placing 1st or 2nd in each of the sprint heats beforehand. Alan remained in the top 10 for the criterium race, but unfortunately did not finish the marathon due to his handlebar snapping. Better luck next World Champs Alan.

Lyn Armstrong was awarded a 4th position in the Veteran’s sprint, but felt the heat the next day during the Criterium. Good attempt Lyn – the 30 degree heat was intense after coming from winter in Australia. The Team will need to travel earlier to the races next world champs to allow time to acclimatize.

Sharon Simmons kicked her way through to the B-finals placing 6th in the Open sprints, and after remaining highly competitive and always within the top ten in the following races received the trophy for ‘Best non-European athlete at the World Champs’. Very exciting! Well done and well deserved, Sharon.

Kerrie Lathopolous raced well – only just missing out on the qualification into the next Open sprint heat. But she fared better in the criterium and marathon staying up with the field and blitzing other riders with her killer downhill technique. Go ‘Downhill Demi-Goddess’!

Bruce Cook too raced well – also being pipped by fractions of a second on the qualification into the next heat of the Veteran’s sprint. He was pleased with his races over the next two days, gaining PB’s in each ride. Fantastic work Bruce!

Deb Stewart enjoyed her races, but preferring endurance sports wished for longer rides over the competition. Maybe they will include an ultra marathon distance in the future world champs???

The Team learned some valuable lessons including the detriments of jetlag and what over 23 hours in transit can do to one’s body!  

Australian Footbike Team at the Marathon, Ivrea

Team prior to the Marathon in Ivrea, Italy

The warm hospitality of the Italians was something the Aussie Team will remember for years to come. Good memories included the Chef at our Hotel (Hotel La Villa) attending the race to cheer us on and to check what we wanted for dinner, and sweet forgiveness from a cafe owner when one of the team ordered a “succo pomeriggio” (afternoon juice) when what they meant was a ‘succo pomodoro’ (tomato juice), and the filled piazza for the closing ceremony. And boy! Do those Italians know how to party!

Overall the team thoroughly enjoyed their time in Italy racing and are looking forward to 2012.

Special thanks to our sponsors whose support made it possible for the team to compete:

Helicopter Wise, Ride Oz, Dante’s Pizza, Kickbike Australia, Absolutely Flabless, AirHawk Australia, North Brisbane Pet Resort, and Red Day Coaching.

Please visit our Sponsors Page to find out how you can support these organisations.

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