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Short Course Footbike Race July 2008

July 20, 2008 1 Comment

Brisbane hosted Australia’s first Short Course Footbike Race on the 13th July 2008 – held by the Australian Footbike Association Inc.

The day was overcast but warm with a strong headwind for approximately 70% of the longer distances. Everyone enjoyed the day and it was great to see competitors from NSW attend.

Results for 200m Sprints:

Short Course Footbike RacesOpen Mens 200m Sprint
1st – Alex Heta 23.72sec – Av speed 30.38kph
2nd – Daran Pratt 24.81sec – Av speed 29.03kph
3rd – Bruce Cook 25.17sec – Av speed 28.57kph

Cadet Male (12-15) 200m Sprint
1st – David Cook 31.2sec – Av speed 23.1kph

Novice Male 200m Sprint
1st – Graham Jenner  35.2sec – Av speed 20.45kph

Results for 1km Sprints:

Veteran Men’s 1km Sprint
1st – Alan Stewart 2min 7secs – Av speed 28.24kph

Veteran Women’s 1km Sprint
1st – Lyn Armstrong 2min 52sec – Av speed 20.93kph
2nd – Suzanne Moule 3min 23sec – Av speed 17.72kph

Open Mens 1km Sprint
1st – Daran Pratt 2min 19sec – Av speed 25.9kph
2nd – Alex Heta 2min 25sec – Av Speed 24.71kph
3rd – John Ryan 2min 40sec – Av speed 22.43kph

Open Womens 1km Sprint
1st – Tracey Lunniss 2min 54sec – Av speed 20.66kph
2nd – Megan Heta 3min 05sec – Av Speed 19.39kph

Results for 2.5km Time Trial:

Veteran Men’s 2.5km
1st – Alan Stewart 5min 50.1secs – Av speed 25.71kph

Veteran Women’s 2.5km
1st – Lyn Armstrong 7min 21.3sec – Av speed 20.39kph
2nd – Suzanne Moule 8min 12sec – Av speed 18.29kph

Open Mens 2.5km
1st – Daran Pratt 5min 50.5sec – Av speed 25.68kph
2nd – Alex Heta 6min 15.3sec – Av Speed 23.98kph
3rd – John Ryan 6min 15.6sec – Av speed 23.96kph

Open Womens 2.5km
1st – Tracey Lunniss 7min 23.7sec – Av speed 20.28kph
2nd – Megan Heta 8min 03.4sec – Av Speed 18.62kph

Cadet (12-15) 500m Time Trial
1st – David Cook 1min 20.9sec – Av speed 22.25kph

Novice 500m Time Trial
1st – Graham Jenner  1min 31.1sec – Av speed 19.76kph

Well done to all the winners and keep your eyes open for future race dates. Tentatively November for both Queensland and NSW.

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  1. Rosslyn says:

    Hi there,

    I attended the race – not as a competitor (well, not yet, anyway!) and had a great time. I was impressed with the professional attitude of the organisers, the quality of the prizes, and the all-round friendliness of the group.

    Thank you for a fun day out.

    Rosslyn 🙂

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