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QLD Footbike Race Day – 9th November 2019

November 17, 2019

A windy day to start this racing season. Totally typical of the Nundah track at this time of year, for the first race of the 2019/2020 season. Anyway the results of the Queensland Race day held on the 9th November were as follows:

Womens 1.2km Time Trial

Pupil 7-9 age      1st Tamsyn Ikin 3m 49.66s

Super Vet            1st Mirjam Lammers 3m 17.55s
                                2nd Lyn Cook 3m 44.76s

Veteran               1st Judith Jardin 3m 05.15s
2nd Sarah Jackson 3m 10.29s
3rd Jenny Delgado 3m 10.96s

Masters               1st Marian Herdigan 3m 18.01s

Open Category 1st Judith Jardine
2nd Sarah Jackson
3rd Jenny Delgado

Mens 1.2km Time Trial

Super Vet            1st Alan Stewart 2m 23.67s

Vet                         1st John Jardine 2m 38.34s
2nd Bruce Cook 2m 51.06s

Open Category  1st Alan Stewart
2nd John Jardine
3rd Bruce Cook

Womens 10.8km Race

Pupil 7-9 age – 3.6km – 1st Tamsyn Ikin 13m 32.94s

Veteran               1st Jenny Delgado 31m 35.55s
2nd Sarah Jackson 32m 14.26s
3rd Judith Jardine 32m 22.40s

Masters                1st Marian Herdigan 35m 18.19s

Open Category 1st Jenny Delgado
2nd Sarah Jackson
3rd Judith Jardine

Mens 10.8km Race

Super Vet            1st Alan Stewart 25m 28.57s

Vet                         1st John Jardine 28m 40.69s

Open Category  1st Alan Stewart
                                2nd John Jardine

Well done to all. A successful Race day, and good luck to you all at the State Championships earlier next year.  

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