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New Australian 12 Hour Footbike Record

March 11, 2010

A dark, mosquito-filled Murarrie Cycle Criterium Track at 5am was the setting for the attempt to break the Australian 12 hour Record.

Alan Stewart 12hr FootbikeAlan Stewart, Kickbike in hand and dressed in Skins – the brand of the specialists in compression garments – wore long sleeves in the hope of saving his arms from the punishing Australian sun that would soon rise.

Adam Connelly – not only a great bloke, good cyclist and an exceptionally talented musician, with torch in hand did a once over of the track to check for glass and discarded bottles from any party-goers the night before.

After some fiddling with Alan’s front carbon wheel, brake adjusting and slapping of blood-thirsty mosquitos, Alan set off on his 12 hour adventure – looping over 168 turns of the 1.44km track.

Due to heavy rain and flooding the day before, the cycle track featured large puddles of water and mud which eventually gave Alan’s white Skins top the ‘camoflage’ look.

As day broke the mozzie population retired – much to the relief of the Australian Footbike Association Officials who were present to regulate and witness the event.

Food intake for Alan during the morning hours consisted of figs and water. Then moved on to more substantial nutrition in the way of Cadel Evan’s Long Distance Bars, bananas, Powerade, a tomato sandwich on multigrain bread, and lots and lots of water.

Just after lunch the wind picked up cruelly, dropping Alan’s average and throwing Jacaranda leaves all over the place – mostly into the areas where you don’t need them – the eyes and mouth!

Alan was encouraged throughout the day by cyclists from the Balmoral Cycle Club, including Adam Connelly, Mark Van Horssen of Redlands Kitchens, Tamara Harrison of the Balmoral Women’s Cycling Team, Kevin Menz from Park Bikes, Peter Dick from the much sought-after Dolan Bikes, Bruce Cook from Kickbike Australia, Brad Cassidy and Michael Keogh from Queensland Rail, old-time footbiker Graham Jenner (who took much delight in splashing water over everyone when they came near him on his Hybrid Bicycle), Pam Jenner, Deb Stewart, Lyn Armstrong (official glasses cleaner!), Bob and Rosslyn Nipperess (Rosslyn, thank you for massaging Alan’s calves during his short break), Barry and Christine Walden from BinCare Australia, James Thompson, and all of the members of the public who stopped to watch and cheer. Your support and encouragement were much appreciated – and helped to stop Alan going stir-crazy after over 168 loops of the cycle track.

Alan set the following new Australian records:

Century (100km) – 4hrs 9mins (previous record 4hrs 15mins)
Imperial Century (160.9km) – 7hrs 15mins 19secs (previous record 7hrs 58mins 4secs)
Double Century (200km) – 9hrs 28mins
10 hour Record – 210km
12 hour Record – 241.33km (previous record 210km)
Longest distance of an Australian Footbiker in a day – 241.33km (previous record 210km)

Alan says he took his inspiration to try the 12 hour odyssey from Kickbike legends Alpo Kuusisto and Mario Reijne’s 24hour rides. Alan has a new-found respect for their mental and physical stamina, and is awe-struck that they were able to maintain such fast paces over a full 24 hours.

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  1. Cheryl Daley says:

    Well Done You Rock Alan!

    Sorry I missed it would love to have been part of the support group cheering you on.

    Your ability and legend status means we can all look to you for inspiration when we think we can’t do another step.

    All the best


  2. Dan Hannagan says:

    Well Done Sifu!!!

    Amazing achievement and truly inspiring!


  3. Karen Toll says:

    Alan, you are amazing. Congratulations. What a fantastic support group. Wish I could have been there to see such a feat and cheer you on. I knew you would go well over the 210km mark. You are the only person I know that has the strength, determination and focus to kick for that many hours. You are going to kick some butt at the World Championships in Italy this year.

    A Hug from Kaz…

  4. Serafino Mancini says:

    Congratulations Alan..Great acheivement..

  5. Admin says:

    Hi Serafino,

    Thank you for the congratulations.

    I really enjoyed the challenge and having such great support.

    Keep kicking!

    Alan :O)