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Laces are a Trap for Footbikers

November 16, 2009 0 Comments

LaceTrap for FootbikingIn over a decade of Kickbiking and more than 1000 consecutive days of Kickbike rides I am very grateful to say that I have only had two falls worth noting. One was from taking a sharp corner much too aggressively on a loose gravel road. The other (which in hindsight gave me a bigger fright because it took me totally by surprise) was when my shoe lace got caught in the spokes of the front wheel just as I was crossing an intersection.  As my kicking leg descended the wrapping lace tugged violently on the slightly turned wheel pulling it at right angles and sending my body catapulting head first over the handle bars.

Fortunately my helmet saved me from a head injury.  I also had a new appreciation for the Ab Workouts that I love to complain about as I am sure that it was those dreaded stomach exercises that prevented me from being totally winded as the bar end tried to do a Samurai on my solar plexus.

Since then you can be sure I have been somewhat paranoid when it comes to my laces.  Yes, I have tried double, triple and more knots to prevent any overhang. The problem: how do you get them undone in a hurry – especially when you need to make a critical adjustment during a longer race?

I remember on a cross country race a small jagged stone somehow ended up in my shoe. The combination of several double knots and the burs they had collected felt like they took an eternity to get undone as they stole precious time from the race.

“Lace Traps I don’t kick without them”

Over the years I have seen numerous attempts at trying to solve the laces issue including some of the elite guys resorting to reams of masking tape around their shoes. The solution I finally discovered that works best is a set of Lace Trap™.

A Lace Trap™ is a simple Velcro fastener that is a quick, easy and effective way to keep your shoes tied. Lace Trap™ saves you the hassle of tying and undoing double knots and reduces the risk of tripping over your laces.

LaceTrap for Safe FootbikingA Lace Trap™ is one of those items that you will not fully appreciate just how good they are until you have a pair installed on your favourite pair of running/kicking shoes.

This brings me to my ‘ethical bribe’…

If you donate $20 or more to help send an Australia Footbike Team to the world championships in Italy during August 2010 we’ll send you a free set of Lace Trap™ so you can keep kicking safely.

Simply follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Supporters Page and make your donation of $20 or more.
  2. Go to the Contact Us page and send us your shipping address.
  3. Check your email inbox for our confirmation emails.

Keep kicking,
Alan Stewart

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