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Footbiking – Brisbane to Gold Coast

October 15, 2009 0 Comments

Close on 10,000 riders attended the Wilson HTM Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge on Sunday the 11th of October 2009.

Brisbane’s South Bank was a sea of moving billboards as brightly lycra-ed cyclists shuffled too and fro… scooting along just like footbikers…

100kms Footbiking SpeedoThe sport of Footbiking was represented by Alan Stewart, Bruce Cook, Lyn Armstrong, Alex ‘Jack Rabbit’ Heta and Deb Stewart in the 100km route, and Karen Toll aka ‘Tingles’ decided to go it alone by completing the 60km ride from Beenleigh to the Gold Coast.

Despite headwinds and rain, the temperature and humidity was pleasant. The course was fast coming out from the city as the bike route weaved through underground bus terminals to eventually meet up with bike paths and finally the road. With no road closures and close to 10,000 riders it was nice to see human powered vehicles dominate the road.

Even though this wasn’t a race, Alan Stewart broke another Australian record for the 100km at a time of 4hrs 15mins. Excellent work Alan! Wish the rest of us could finish with such decorum and look as fresh during the following television interview at the end of the race.

Bruce Cook flew along averaging over 21km/hr, passing many cyclists along the way. Thank you Bruce, you’re a great advocate for the sport.

Despite a bout of food poisoning in the morning – sending her to the toilet rather than the starting line! – Deb Stewart still managed to average 19.9km/hr over the 100km route. Deb has also discovered a new technique for fitting her Kickbike in the toilet cubicle with her… no one else was going to deny her the opportunity to ride that Kickbike to the Gold Coast!

Lyn Armstrong and the Jack Rabbit managed to finish the 100km course in a respectable time even though work committments and other sporting activities kept them from training and preparing for the longer ride. Sheer guts and determination kept them going and allowed Lyn to set the official record of the first Australian Female Veteran to kick more than 100km straight. Congratulations Lyn!!!

Karen Toll, who only started footbiking a few months ago completed her longest ride ever – 60km. Great work, Tingles! Looks like those hill rides are working for you! Good to hear you’ve entered into the Mt Tamborine ride coming up shortly.

There were many cheers of encouragement to the footbikers from cyclists and bystanders, and the quote of the day from one cyclist to another:

“I’m drafting behind her so that I can stare at her butt”. Fellow cyclist replied, “And that’s the reason God made scooters!”

Cheers to all – and we’ll see you again next year!

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