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Footbike Athlete Profile: Lyn Armstrong

March 11, 2009 0 Comments

Name: Lyn Armstrong

Occupation: Branch Manager for a Banking Corporation

Age: hmmmm… isn’t it impolite to ask a lady’s age???

Footbike Athlete Lyn ArmstrongRecords:
Former holder of the:
1km Australian Sprint Distance
2.5km Australian Sprint Distance

Kickbike’s Sport G4 – red (because Lyn tells us that red goes faster)

Training Regime:
1 hard kickbike per week
2 cross training sessions per week.

Lyn juggles her training around a busy worklife, waking early to train with friend and footbiking athlete, Megan Heta. She is currently training for the Great Brisbane Bike Ride – cruising through another 50km.

Lyn has gained much recognition for her efficient kicking style, and often receives compliments about how easy she makes footbiking appear. She has also been recognized for her supportive and welcoming nature, and the comradery she builds with other footbike athletes.

Thanks Lyn, you’re a great ambassador for the sport of Footbiking!

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