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Brissie to the Bay Ride 2011

April 12, 2011 0 Comments

Why not join 4999 other riders (you could be the 5000th) on the Brissie to Bay Bike ride this year? Among those 4999 bike enthusiasts there will be a handful of footbikers you can kick alongside of – all with varying experience and speeds.

Brissie to Bay Map 2011Here’s all the info you need for a great day out:

The date:
Sunday, 26th of June 2011
So there’s plenty of time to get on your footbike and train for the event.

6.00am start (100km) – yes, you will need to set the alarm that morning
6.45am start (50km) – slightly more humane time of the morning
7.30am start (25km) – if you’re one of those folks who likes sleeping in
7.40am start (10km) – slightly sleepier???


Well… as you’ll see above the rides cover distances ranging from 10km through to 100km.

If you haven’t yet decided which distance to go for, here’s a helpful premise to adopt: “If you can do half the distance hard, then you can do the full distance at an easier pace.”

If you’re a newbie, of course go with the 10km ride. If you’ve survived some of the 10km Australian Footbike Races then try out the 25km, or why not stretch a little and go for the 50? If you ride regularly, be a champ and conquer the 100km. There are a few big inclines, but if you start consistently training now and add incorporate some hill work, nothing you can’t handle. Remember to take into account that you may be out on the road for a number of hours (our top 100km rider generally completes the distance in around 4 hours, others have finished the distance in around 7) so be sure to train with this in mind.

As you can see from the map (simply click on it to enlarge it) there are drink stations and First Aid along the way if you need them. Of course you will need to carry your own food and water to get you through. If you’re struggling with a bidon cage on your bike then a good alternative is a hydration backpack. If you haven’t used one before then start training with it. This will give you the opportunity to adjust the pack to your body shape and avoid discomfort during the ride or blisters on your underarms where it may rub. Also, as some riders tend to sway a little from side to side they need to get used to the weight of the hydration pack as it may affect their balance.

You can get hydration packs from camping supply stores, sporting stores and bike shops.

To register for the event, visit the Brissie to the Bay website. Not only will you have a great day out mixing with a enthusiastic bunch of people (footbikers and cyclists), you will help rundraising for people living with MS and perhaps achieve a PB.

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