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Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge

March 8, 2009 4 Comments

Previously known as the Mall 2 Mall Ride, in 2009 this popular ride sports the new name of the Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge, and forms an integral part of the annual Ipswich Festival which is held each April.

The Challenge usually attracts around 1000 participants, and this year will begin at the Moorlands Park in Toowong and then head out to Ipswich to finish in Queens Park, covering 50km.

The purpose of the ride is not only to spread a message of goodwill and encourage greater links and cooperation between the Ipswich and Brisbane communities, it is also about encouraging people to get out and exercise, as well as raise monies for the Ipswich Hospital Foundation and the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

When: Sunday 26 April 2009 at 7.00am

Where: Moorlands Park, Toowong

After the ride enjoy the BBQ in Queens Park with other weathered cyclists, or check out the other activities that are part of the Ipswich Festival.

Find out more from the Mall 2 Mall Challenge Website.

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  1. stephen spinks says:

    The start of last years ride was just crazy. It was not what was advertised as starting in waves. I ride the coronation drive bike path and to have the amount of riders that were there last year it will be dangerous.

  2. Alan Stewart says:

    Hi Stephen,

    We must have been on different waves. I found the event to be very rider friendly. Yes coronation drive does bottle neck but I actually found it to be a pleasure to ride with riders calling warnings and working together as a well co-ordinated pack.

    What was your experience?

  3. Steve Lunniss says:

    A review of the Mall2Mall website indicates that there is only a 50km ride this year as in the past, so no 100km ride.

    There is however an Ipswich ride a couple of weekends earlier which comprises various distances, including a 100km

  4. Admin says:

    Hello Steve,

    Thank you for the update. You are correct – the 100km is not officially part of that event (and is not supported), but in past years as the 50km ride is just ‘one way’ many of the participants choose to ride back to Brisbane making the day a 100km ride.

    Yes, there is another event coming up on the 5th of April: the Ipswich 100. You have a choice of a 100km, 50km or a 10km ride.

    Please note that the 100km ride has a cut-off time of 5 hours. Out of respect for the organisers of the event, and future relations between AFA and the event organisers we request that if you are unable to complete the course within 5 hours (ie. average a minimum of 20km/h) please opt for a shorter event.

    If you wish any of your times to be recognized by the AFA you must contact an Australian Footbike Association Official to let them know in advance that you will be participating. All times must be start to finish times (including breaks) – not just ‘ride time’.

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