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2022 Footbike National Champs results

June 30, 2022

18th-19th June 2022 – Ipswich

Here are the results of the Footbike National Champs help at Ipswich earlier this month.  It was a great weekend for racing, with very little wind, not too hot or cold and low humidity. Well done to all competitors and thanks to all those who travelled from afar.  

Saturday 18th June 2022

SprintMensOpen1stNic McLaughlin29.07sAustralian National Open Champ
SprintMensOpen2ndDanny Hovey30.84s
SprintMensOpen3rdPatrick Stanton31.40s
SprintWomensOpen1stCara Jardine29.16sAustralian National Open Champ
SprintWomensOpen2ndJudith Jardine38.76s
SprintWomensOpen3rdLyn Cook1m 18.87s
CriteriumMensOpen1stNic McLaughlin12m 09.94sAustralian National Open Champ
CriteriumMensOpen2ndDanny Hovey12m 16.01s
CriteriumMensOpen3rdPatrick Stanton12m 41.95s
CriteriumWomensOpen1stCara Jardine11m 36.24sAustralian National Open Champ
CriteriumWomensOpen2ndJudith Jardine14m 19.84s
SprintMens4-6 year1stJarrah McLaughlin55.39sAustralian National 4-6 year Champ
SprintMens7-9 year1stMalachi McLaughlin35.97sAustralian National 7-9 year Champ
SprintWomensSenior1stCara Jardine48.98sAustralian National Senior Champ
SprintWomensSenior2ndJudith Jardine15m 02.20s
SprintMensMasters1stNic McLaughlin49.19sAustralian National Masters Champ
SprintMensVeteran1stJohn Jardine51.47sAustralian National Veteran Champ
SprintMensVeteran2ndDanny Hovey52.14s
SprintMensVeteran3rdPatrick Stanton53.96s
SprintWomensVeteran1stJudith Jardine1m 01.24sAustralian National Veteran Champ
SprintMensSuper Vet1stBruce Cook57.28sAustralian National Super Vet Champ
SprintWomensSuper Vet1stLyn Cook1m 17.02sAustralian National Super Vet Champ
CriteriumMens4-6 year1stJarrah McLaughlin2m 18.41sAustralian National 4-6 year Champ
CriteriumMens7-9 year1stMalachi McLaughlin1m 24.09sAustralian National 7-9 year Champ
CriteriumWomensSenior1stCara Jardine11m 36.24sAustralian National Senior Champ
CriteriumMensMasters1stNic McLaughlin12m 09.94sAustralian National Masters Champ
CriteriumMensVeteran1stDanny Hovey12m 16.01sAustralian National Veteran Champ
CriteriumMensVeteran2ndPatrick Stanton12m 41.95s
CriteriumMensVeteran3rdJohn Jardine13m 10.60s
CriteriumWomensVeteran1stJudith Jardine14m 19.84sAustralian National Veteran Champ

Sunday 19th June 2022

DistanceGenderCategoryPlaceNameTime (laps)Title
EnduranceMens4-6 year1stJarrah McLaughlin7m 04.31s (1)Australian National 4-6 year Champ
EnduranceMens7-9 year1stMalachi McLaughlin10m 01.31s (2)Australian National 7-9 year Champ
EnduranceWomensCadet1stTamsyn Ikin1h 00m 42.78s (15)Australian National Cadet Champ
EnduranceWomensSenior1stCara Jardine59m 28.46s (19)Australian National Senior Champ
EnduranceMensMasters1stNic McLaughlin1h 03m 42.58s (19)Australian National Masters Champ
EnduranceMensVeteran1stDanny Hovey1h 03m 42.79s (19)Australian National Veteran Champ
EnduranceMensVeteran2ndPatrick Staunton1h 04m 40.70s (19)
EnduranceMensVeteran3rdJohn Jardine1h 04m 45.70s (19)
EnduranceWomensVeteran1stJudith Jardine1h 02m 44.19s (16)Australian National Veteran Champ
NoviceWomens8-9 years1stHarper Ikin6m 09.59s (400m)
NoviceWomensAdult1stRochelle7m 11.41s (2)
NoviceMensAdult1stMike7m 58.00s (2)
NoviceWomensAdult2ndCheryl8m 14.33s (2)

See you all at the beginning of next season.

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