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Race Rules

Australian Footbike Association Race Rules

These rules aim to develop Footbiking or Scootering as a fair and safe sport, and provide safe racing without excess restrictions.

A. General:

  1. Participation is entirely at your own risk. We are trying to make this event as safe as possible, however no liability is accepted as a result of your participation.
  2. You will not be allowed to compete unless you, or your parent or Guardian if under 18, has signed a racing waiver and your rights to claim against the organizers or assistants.
  3. The rules are in place for the protection of all competitors. Please obey all rules
  4. Competitors ride scooters that are propelled by kicking or pushed/carried afoot. In kicking one foot pushes straight backwards on the ground like in running, while the other foot is resting on the scooter footboard. Skating-like or similar kick is not allowed.
  5. Scooter construction is free but it may not have motor, mechanical gear or sail nor sharp or protruding parts causing danger to other competitors.
  6. Racing Scooters must have Pneumatic tyres and effective brakes, in order to compete. Scooters with Skateboard style wheels will not be entered.
  7. An Australian standard approved Bike style helmet but must be worn at all times while kicking. Knee and elbow pads are recommended but are optional.
  8. At start both competitor and scooter stay completely behind start line. A second break of false start will result in disqualification.
  9. First part of scooter crossing the finish line determines finishing order.
  10. Participation in the 200m Sprint racing is only available to experienced riders

B. Competitor:

  1. Races at his own responsibility, follows organizers and marshals instructions and knows the race rules. Keeps on race course and schedule.
  2. May change malfunctioning scooter during race but must complete whole course on the scooter.
  3. Must not deliberately block opponents, and all kinds of pushing and pulling is strictly forbidden. Disqualification will result.
  4. Choice of riding line is free but after leaving a gap for an opponent to pass, one may not close the gap if scooters overlap. Pacing or riding behind other kickers is only permitted in the same race and on same lap.
  5. Any other unjust action deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalties, and /or disqualification, even if that act is not covered by these rules.
  6. Supporters may not assist their competing kicker, or in any way interfere with the race itself or any other competitor, without risking penalty or disqualification of their own competitor.
  7. Violation of these, and any common road rules, may result in disqualification.
  8. Competitors can only race in the gender categories.
  9. Competitors in cadet or children categories are unable to race on an adult or oversize scooter.

C. Judges:

  1. Protests are to be lodged with the event director, within 10 minutes of the last competitor finishing that event.
    The judge’s decisions will be final
  2. The judges will make decisions that directly effect competition results and hold discussions with the organizer if changing preset event course, schedule and such is necessary.

D. Additional Notes

  1. Kickbikes and Helmets available for hire at $10 each.
  2. Bring your own food and refreshments (sorry no Alcohol), and enjoy the day.
  3. Entry fees: Early bird: $20 per non AFA members competitor – Australian Footbike Association Members $10 if registered before race date. Late Entry: $5 extra if registering on the Day.
  4. Open Category racing is available for all ages, and the fastest male and female will be deemed the winner of the open category as well as the category they first entered.

Age Groups are currently as follows –
5-6 years
7-9 years
10-12 years – Pupil
13-15 years – Cadet
16-17 years – Junior
18-39 years – Senior
40-49 years – Masters
50+ years – Veteran

Cadet and above are recognised at World Championships level – Junior and above are eligible for World Ranking points.